To help provide for our patients, Soundview Dental Associates, PC offers non-surgical gum disease treatment in Shoreham, New York. Depending on the individual patient and the progression of the disease, our dentist may recommend various treatments. While surgical procedures can be used to treat periodontal infection, our practice prefers to treat the patient with less invasive options.

For the first stages of the disease, Dr. Daniel Birkmire and Dr. Mohit Modgil, will often recommend a dental cleaning and increased at-home care. Some of these steps may include regular brushing and flossing after meals. Rinses and topical medication may also be recommended or prescribed. For more serious forms of the disease, our dentist can perform a more thorough cleaning using a laser gum treatment or scaling and root planing. With the help of a dental laser, bacteria and infected tissue can be removed with more comfort and better recovery than traditional methods. Scaling and root planing are used together to clean the affected areas of the tooth. With scaling, tartar and plaque buildup is cleared away from the surface. In root planing, bacterial deposits are removed from the teeth roots.

Along with any of these treatments — dental cleanings, laser therapy or scaling and root planing — an antibiotic treatment may be prescribed. Learn more about each of these treatments and call 631-821-4110 today!

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